SALE, SALE, SALE, Buy a 2 pack get one Handy Free with belt clip and wedges.

the #1 DoorStop

Handy Door Stop, The safest & easy to use doorstop
Perfect for Hospitality

For about the price of a good cup of coffee you can ensure you safety.

Handy doorstop, a necessary piece of your tactical kit.


Prevent Tripping Hazard

Handy Door stop was created  thinking on does men’s and women’s that risk their life’s everyday 

· Firefighters

· First responders

· Hospitality


· Soldiers door wedge

Prevent Danger From Happening

Handy Doorstop, AKA The Chock will always be accessible.

Slides Over The Door Hinge.



Two colors Available: Red & Black.

Customization available as requested:

v Belt clip  +$2.49 or .99 with purchase of Handy Doorstop

v Neck strap  +.99

v Wedges for wider opening  +$1.49 or free with purchase of Handy Doorstop


Handy Doorstop is the ideal way to keep a door open

Don’t relying on an object founded at the hallway of a building to keep your safe, use Handy door stop, The Chock, your personal safety should not be an afterthought, safety first


LAH-DOOR Doorstop, Available at:, Amazon & eBay.

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